A Rambling through the MacLeod Acres

I can only claim to be a Mackie because of  my mother. Her surname is one of my middle names, in traditional Scots style. It’s what we do, nomenclature-wise.

Just in case you have forgotten it. that is why Bob Wilson, stalwart keeper of the Arsenal goal, and one of the better Jock custodians thereof.  in my opinion. rejoices in the middle name of ‘Primrose’.

John is my other middle name. Down to the insistence of both sides of my family that the name be passed on.. Not complaining. I inherited a Grandfather clock on one side for it and the unconditional love (and a watch) from my Dad’s older  brother,  Uncle John, on the other.

Being childless, and having downsized, the Grandfather clock has been passed on to the younger son of my youngest cousin,  Her son’s middle names are ‘John Mackie’.

I’m keeping the watch.

Anyhow, just so you all know, my name is actually Rory MacLeod


I am aware that, because I already told them. Boadicea, Bearsy, Christopher, Ferret (whom God preserve, wherever he may be)  TB (who I will always miss) and my wife’s godson, who introduced me to MyT knew that anyway.

Hi again to the rest of you.



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