Should We Stay or Should We Go?


Right then, there’s less than a week to go and all to play for.

I have my postal vote. I’ll  complete it at the ballot box when I accompany Mrs M thereto – she prefers to do the cross thing on the day. I still don’t know which box I will cross.

I am, by inclination, a Remainer.

I was an enthusiastic ‘SUE’ (Student for a United Europe) in 1975.  Admittedly, it helped   that we got £50 from EEC funds to set up SUE at the Uni of Embra. We blew the lot on 3 kegs of beer and several 3 litre flasks of Chianti, all of which were consumed in one epic party. Of which I remember very little.

Moving on, my Dad volunteered in 1939 to fight for our country, despite being in a reserved occupation. He, and most of his generation, believed that it would not be a bad idea if we never had another European war. Dad, Heath and others were, in my opinion, honest in their hope that the EEC might make one impossible.

So, I was broadly  in favour of Europe. But that was then and this is now.

Now is a scary and dark place if you have a vote in this referendum.

To be continued.





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