Is Nothing Sacred?

I have never been an incandescent sort of person. In truth, you would probably have to douse me with 100% proof spirit and toss a lighted match on me to inflame me about anything. I just have this congenital belief that the other chap may not be talking total rubbish and that I should, in fairness, listen to him even if what he is saying is utter piffle. 

There does. however, come a point when the meekest of worms must turn and I have wriggled to that point. I have read the works of many authors and enjoyed them but there are only a handful of them who have enthralled me.

Obviously AA Milne, As it happened to happen for me, Dorothy L Sayers, Jules Verne, Isaac Aasimov, Thorne  Smith, James Thurber and others. Then , in due and happy course, I encountered  PG Wodehouse.

He has been my constant companion and delight ever since. As far as I know,  I have every one of his books, sometimes several times over. Which is my I am seriously considering self-combusting about the forthcoming BBC ‘Blandings’ series.

As any fule kno, Lord Emsworth is a vague,tall, thin, balding sort of cove. Aunie Beeb, whom God rot, have cast Timothy Spall in the part.

Timothy bloody Spall? Undoubtedly a fine actor but more suited to playing Lord Emsworth’s prize pig, the Empress of Blandings, or Beach the butler in my opinion. 

It will end in tears. 




One response to “Is Nothing Sacred?

  1. My existing work is getting so busy, and I have taken on a new job – that is a second job….It’s Spring and the garden needs so much attention. I can’t seem to find time to do any writing.

    Something’s got to give.

    I love blogging, but it takes up too much time to fit in with my life just at the moment – so I have stopped. Thank you for trying to make contact.

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