Pembrokeshire Revisited

Long ago and far away on the Dark Side, I wrote a series of blogs about our 2008 summer holiday. It was a trip around the MyT land and personalities of that era . I never found the time to finish it, not being a hasty sort of person. Part 4 was inspired by CO.

Despite my protestations at the time, we were knocked out by the place. Last September, we acquired a hound to celebrate Mrs M’s retirement and this year Dougal, Mrs M and I decided on a dog-friendly holiday. Pembrokeshire leapt to mind immediately and I booked up.

CO was kind enough to suggest a few places to visit and we ended up doing most of them. So, if you would just like to settle back and make yourself comfortable, here’s the holiday snaps.

This was one of CO’s tips and she was not wrong. A former slate quarry where the sea has broken in. It was pretty spectacular on the dull day that we were there. It must be truly mind-blowing on a good day.

Moving on, CO recommended St Govan’s Chapel and thither, in due course, we wended our way. To be fair, I was slightly driven by the fact that I had googled ahead and learned that the nearby Stackpole Inn allegedly served pretty decent pints and grub. Which it did. St Govan’s Head was also a wee bit special.

Next, CO suggested Broad Haven and a stroll at low tide around the head to Little Haven. Herein, she was, I fear, wrongish in claiming that there was a decent pub in Broad Haven. If she meant ‘The Galleon’, she is either out of date or plain wrong (with the utmost respect). It was a tourist dump and we decamped to the ‘Swan’ in Little Haven which was a delight. Dougal enjoyed the beach there a lot. That’s him in the middle of the photo, for the avoidance of doubt.

And so to our last day in Pembrokeshire and CO’s best suggestion. We had done St David’s Cathedral on the Thursday and had decided to forego the pleasure of traipsing around the Bishop’s Palace in the rain that was bucketing down. We still wanted to do it because it looked a bit tasty and resolved to return. Major result.


We came back to discover that there was going to be a pilgrimage that afternoon as part of the cultural Olympiad whereby our country is holding a joyous and unfettered celebration of the fact that the Games are in London this year.

Because there were rehearsals on, we got in free. The photo above is of the Artistic Director rehearsing the monks. I spent a couple of hours watching a community doing what we Brits do best. Just muddling through and getting on with it in the belief that it might be all right on the afternoon. I am certain that it probably was.

Thanks CO. However much you enjoy where you are now, there must surely be a part of you that misses where you were? There’s a lot of magic in Pembrokeshire.

In my opinion.


5 responses to “Pembrokeshire Revisited

  1. Sounds like a great holiday

  2. Hi Jean, That’ll be you then?

    Not at all bad.

  3. Excellent blog and pics, Mr M! Did you visit Marloes Beach? That was one of my favourites – huge, broad and quite wild. You were lucky if you saw one more person on it – and wonderful for the dog!!

    I have to go back to that coastline one day to watch the dolphins and porpoises that many visitors are seeing these days. Very encouraging signs of a clean and healthy sea.

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