Interesting Times

There are three things which obsess me at the moment, In no particular order, my state of health, Dougal our dog and the future of my country. 

Two is blossoming and a total joy. One appears to have scraped through the latest test. Three is a bit of a worry. Not because I do not believe in how right I am about the fact that the Union could ever be broken by a bunch of torn-faced Holy Willy losers who trot out the most unbelievable disinformation and deceit with a view to making themselves small-minded but marginally larger fish in a very much smaller pool.

All because I can not believe the length that these bigoted and ignorant wastes of space will go to to misinform the electorate in the Great Debate. 

The latest example is the fake Seb Coe tweet about the possible display of the Saltire at Olympic events. Increasingly difficult to find as it gets expunged from the Internet for being utter keech but senior Nats went incandescent about his alleged outburst at the time:- 

 ‘I think you’ll find the flag I saluted was not called the Union Jock’.

That is so not Lord Coe in style or content as to make it farcical to think that anybody could ever give it any sort of credence. Except for Nats, of course. 

Anyhow, their websites, attack hawks and trolls are mainly pulling back a wee bit, although I have seen one site where the poster opines that, although Seb did not actually say it, it is possibly the sort of thing that he might have said, given the chance.

Intellectual rigour and intelligent debate for that one – Nul points.  

I apologise to anybody who visits my site for my attempts at gentle comic humour and please ignore this rant.  This really matters and there will be more.

Please keep visiting because there is going to be a lot more about Dougal as well.




2 responses to “Interesting Times

  1. Politicians eh? Pets are far more fun, and interesting.

  2. Hi isobel

    True. He went solo in a public space for the first time yesterday. Blog and photos to follow in due course.

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