Dougal the Graduate

Truth to tell, my heart is bursting with pride. 

For the last ten weeks, Dougal has been attending a Beginner Behavioural Class. I just can’t tell you how well he has done. I really can’t tell you how well he has done. 

Personally, I believe that he was just too intelligent and was being held back by the other dogs in his class. It was clear to me that he was bored by the level of teaching and was not being stretched enough to realise his full potential. I intend to lodge a complaint with the authorities at the earliest opportunity.

It was the last class and the hounds were being put through their paces. Dougal was doing ‘Stay’ when one of his classmates disgraced himself.

The teacher had to clear up. I don’t understand why they let people have dogs when they can’t even  control them properly.

Anyhow, they moved on from ‘Stay’ to ‘Lie’ and I was delighted to see that Dougal was his own dog and refused to conform to stereotypical canine responses.

Came the hour and he got his certificate. The graduates circled the hall. 

You can’t see Dougal in this photo but he had definitely been where the shiny spot mid left is. I am glad to say that he chose the parade to assert his individuality and deposit a major poo in his tracks.

He’s repeating Beginner Behavioural Class from next week onwards. I blame the system.


5 responses to “Dougal the Graduate

  1. He probably didn’t want to show the others up. Or he has a crush on the teacher.

  2. Well what a joy, Mr Mackie, this post brought back memories of my own experiences with canine juvenile delinquents. Not that Dougal seems to belong in this category but my two labradors certainly did!

    Big mistake having two puppies at the same time; they just incited each other to riot. They seemed to have no idea about this concept of personal space; they just bounced in tigger-like fashion and adored everyone, canines and humans alike.

    Anyway, they did graduate finally, after I begged to be allowed back into the class after the first disastrous introduction, but the moment they had the certificate into their paws they promptly forgot all they had learnt, and we had to start again.

    They eventually learnt the basics but it took a while.

  3. Evening John. Just enjoying a huge catch-up as WordPress hasn’t been giving me the slightest hint of your blogs.
    Ah Dougal sounds like a cocker character who makes his mark at times and places to suit him entirely. Bit like Scamp, my first springer who decided to pee against the back of a lady sitting on the edge of the slipway enjoying the view, oblivious to his attention…

    As Araminta says, this brings back happy memories of dog training with each of my three spaniels. The best is probably of a reasonably quiet dog-training class in progress in a village hall when there was an explosive noise and two St Bernard puppies burst in through the double doors dragging their woman owner behind them at about 15mph.

    I can’t quite remember Dougal’s age but if he’s adolescent already, he will have temporarily wiped all his dog training from his hormone-ravaged brain. 🙂

    • Janh1 my apologies. WordPress is failing me as well and I had no indication that you had commented.

      Dougal is now 10 months old. Mrs M. and I are in deep discussion about the future of his thingies – I just have this problem with the whole idea.

      It is, almost certainly, probably only a matter of time before I lose the argument and he loses said thingies.

      • Aww poor Dougal. Well I had two entire male springers and they were fine. Rolls used to have a bit of a session with his bedding after dinner but, well, what red-blooded male doesn’t? 😉

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