What happened there?

I am a Scot. This means. of course, that I am inured to disappointment. It’s what we do!

Particularly and especially for me on the field of team sporting prowess, supporter-wise. I seem to have an uncanny knack for picking losers.  When the Sharks got thumped  by the Hurricanes yesterday. I thought that I was in for another weekend of despair. So. it’s all been a bit strange today. 

The morning started well with ‘my’ cricket team retaining the Number 1 spot by thrashing Sri Lanka. Sir Arthur C Clarke, your team took a Hell of a beating! 

A bit of a dip when Canada beat us at the extra end in the curling but we’re creaming the Swedes/Turnips as I blog. Bergmans, whether Ingrid or Ingmar, most of Abba, the chef from The Muppets and Alfred Nobel, your team is taking  a Hell of a beating! We’ll be back tomorrow for the Final against the Canucks again and I personally believe that Michael J Fox, Celine Dion, Greg Rusedski, William Shatner and my close friend Barbara should brace themselves for defeat (and a Hell of a beating).

The football was mainly satisfactory, My teams, in alphabetical order, Chelsea, Cheltenham, East Fife, Heart of Midlothian and Saint Johnstone only dropped two points between them. Mind, East Fife got 4 when playing Forfar  so I would nor have minded if the said Forfar had scored 5 instead of 1 just for the sake of the symmetry of it. 

Anyhow, moving on to the purpose of this post. Today at Murrayfield, Embra played Toulouse in the 1/4 final of the Heineken Cup. 50-1 against and playing a team that has won the Cup 4 times and been runners-up twice.

Asterix, Charlemagne, Pepin le Bref, Louis Quinze, Napoleon( un autre Bref), Zinedine Zidane,  Sarkozy le tres Bref and MoO. Your team took a Hell of a beating! 



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