Dougal Goes Firth

He’s now old enough and inoculated enough to be allowed out into the big wide world so we took Dougal down to the Forth on Sunday. A popular spot for Embrans on a sunny, mild day which is what we had. My sympathies to any snow-bound shiverers down south.

He was obviously completely enthused about the whole idea.


Eventually, we were able to persuade him into the car and off we went. He did love it when he got there and met lots of new chums.

That part of the foreshore has always been one of my favourite bits of Embra. Looking west over Dougal and Mrs M, you can see a wee bit of the Forth Rail Bridge sticking up behind Cramond which is where the Romans landed as part of Emperor Antonine’s building of a wall across Scotland between the Forth and the Clyde.

Anyhow, he had a great half hour jumping in and out of the water and exploring everything and everybody. We put him back in the car and he was fast asleep within 30 seconds. Result!

On the way home, we passed the Scottish Executive facility where they store the hot air for Sleekit Salmond’s speeches. As you can see, it is somewhat depleted at the moment but he’ll be back, more’s the pity.


9 responses to “Dougal Goes Firth

  1. When did this little moppet enter your lives? I bet he’s full of bounce.

    I like the second picture of Edinburgh at play.

  2. Isobel, good evening.

    Seriously full of bounce and sometimes a muppet rather than a moppet.

    We picked him up on 19th December or thereby. A total joy.

  3. I don’t understand why I didn’t get a notification of this blog but I turn up on match day to offer you the hand of sporting friendship and good wishes for a fine game. May the best team win (I am of course, wearing my Wales shirt)… 🙂

    Back to doggy matters, Dougal is looking splendid and sounds like a lot of fun. He’s got loads of coat hasn’t he? I hope someone’s given you advice on grooming and keeping it all under control – if not, I am fully conversant so you only have to let me know – especially in living in the New Tropics.
    A very different weather picture down here, as no doubt you know. Dougal would have been enjoying snowballing in minus 3!

    We’ll have to explore that area when we’re next in Scotland. We had some lovely walks a bit further east at Gullane. It was extremely hot that day, actually and the smallest son stripped off to his walking boots (he was about 4 at the time). Anyway, must go, do my voice exercises for the singing…. 😉

  4. Janh1, good evening and the better team won despite what I may have bittered elsewhere (if you are still looking in there), Good luck for the Triple Crown and, (call me a dreamer!) the Grand Slam.

    It goes without saying that Mrs M, Dougal and I would be mortally offended if you did not get in touch next time you and family intend to invade our part of Caledonia, Those walks around Gullane are pure magic, even if there is no consensus as to how it pronounces itself as a place, It’s a Shrewsbury sort of thing as you probably know.

    Dougal is a joy but definitely more of an Esau than a Jacob (Genesis 27:11). Not a problem as we have this close, personal and incredibly camp dog-stylist friend who is itching to work his magic on him. We’re even being offered a freebie.

    Dougal Mackie. Possibly the next canine Super Model.

  5. JM I very much enjoyed reading this bracing account.

  6. Ah The Grand Slam!! Hopes are high. As a true Celt, you are cordially invited to be an Associate of the Principality for the day on Saturday, join in the singing and wave a daffodil or two. You will be rewarded, I’m sure.

    That’s a very kind offer, Mr and Mrs M. Gullane I pronounce as Gull Lane. Is there another way? The Scots unlike the Welsh at least keep the double “l” in control in the centre of a word instead of at the front!

    Pleased to hear Dougal’s tonsorial needs will be met. Don’t, under any circumstances, let your friend near him with a clippers. Hand-stripping is the thing. Don’t want that lovely coat going all fuzzy-wuzzy. 🙂

    Must just say “Hi, Papa G!” Hope all is well with the family 🙂

  7. Aye weel, Janh1..

    It’s only the Triple Crown that you can win this weekend. Good luck. If a Grand Slam follows in due course, I will not be devastated.

    Natives glottal stop and say ‘Gulln’. Non natives who have been there say ‘Gullan’ as in ‘fan’. Non natives who have only read the word say ‘Gullane’ as in ‘fain’.

    And Embra chaps who are members of Muirfield Golf Club which is in Gulln,, Gullan or Gullane, say ‘Gullin’ which is simply wrong. They were equally wrong to refuse membership to the Blessed Ronnie Corbett in my opinion.

  8. I hope you noted that I didn’t come back here gloating about the Grand Slam…oh wait… 😉

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