Hansel and Gretel

In bygone days, when facing ruin, 
They did whatever needed doing.
It follows and it’s not a mystery,
A man agreed his kids were history.

His wife, his second, very heartless,
Persuaded him his kids were surplus.
‘We can’t afford to buy them food.
Let’s try to lose them in the wood?’

But noble Hansel heard her scheming
And hatched a plan to thwart her dreaming,
Collected stones and strewed them shrewdly.
They made it  home. Step-mum swore crudely.

She tried again. No stones to trail.
So Hansel thought, ‘Well, bread won’t fail!’
A big mistake. He came to rue it.
Birds ate the crumbs. He really blew it.

So, lost and hungry on they strayed
Until they reached a shady glade
A cottage there of cake so sweet.
They got stuck in. A major treat.

Then out there came this kind old Gran,
To say ‘Eat up all the food you can.
And then come in and be my guest.
You really need to take a rest’.

Before he knew it, he was trussed.
Into a cage was firmly thrust.
‘I’ll fatten you until you’re prime.
And then I’ll eat you. Perhaps with thyme?’

And Gretel wept and cleaned in pain
Till Stockholm Syndrome claimed her brain
When Granny cooked her brother dear
She ate her fill and gave a cheer.


6 responses to “Hansel and Gretel

  1. My goodness, this is very dark, John!

  2. Hi Isobel

    Entry for Pseu’s competition elsewhere. I think that dark might well be obligatory.


    I’m tinkering with it here to get it righter, if you know what I mean. Hadn’t realised that I had gone public with it.

    Since I have, a delight to see you.

  3. My pleasure. Hope you are not being blown off your feet up there. If you have a wind turbine to power your home it must be wonderful. 🙂

  4. Hello JM …. 🙂

    I noticed a referral on my website and followed the trail to Embra ..

    What fun! Hope you and your family are all well .

    ps … Beautiful photo above 🙂

  5. Marya, Deep joy.

    Good to hear from you. I still enjoy reading your poetry each and every time you post. I should comment more often than I do. .

    We’re all fine thanks and I trust that you and yours are in similarly fine fettle?

    The photo above is the only time that I have ever managed to stitch a panorama together correctly. I am inordinately proud of it. Thanks for noticing it.

  6. Hello again, JM ..

    You’re very kind; thank you for such compliments .. I’m delighted that you call in and enjoy your visits 🙂

    Yes, thank you, my family and I are all well too.

    I’m not surprised that you are so proud of that photo .. it’s superb 🙂

    I’ll take this opportunity to wish you and your family a most Happy Christmas and a Happy Hogmanay … may health, happiness, love and laughter attend you in the New Year 2012.

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