Interesting Times

Good evening,

I know that I’ve not posted anything here or there for a while. Several reasons, most of which I do not feel the need to share, just at the moment.

One overriding reason. I was out there assisting in losing one vote and, happily, helping to win another. Both mattered in a way that political decisions have not mattered to me for far too long. I regret my past indifference.

To get the good news out of the way, AV is dead in its tracks and all of Jockland voted against it, although, to quote the Duke of Wellington ‘It has been a damned nice thing — the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life’ in the case of Embra Southern aka ‘The Islington of the North’. It was ‘No’ by only 70 or so votes there, apparently. Bunch of scunners in Embra Southern, in my opinion.

Anyhoo, less good news-wise, we now have an absolute majority SNP party in the pile of keech that is the Scottish Parliament. This means that we cannot stop them doing whatever thay want to do. In fairness, this is, of course, ‘a good thing’ because they will, assuredly, blow it big time.

In 1997, when TB and Nu Lab won, I had two emotions. One was that it was our own fault because we had grown old, tired and, I accept, corrupt in government. The other emotion was that we had handed over the bridge of the Star Ship ‘Enterprise’ to a troop of monkeys. They might well be able to carry on with the ‘five year mission to seek out new worlds and new civilisations’ for a wee while but there was an absolute certainty that they would press the wrong button at some point.

Which they did.

Devolutionly-speaking, we now have a government which only has one real policy. It is a policy which most of them are desperate not to implement, because it would mean that they would no longer have any reason to exist or to draw their Parliamentary salaries.

Only a matter of time before they press the wrong button.

The SNP is a broad kirk which, in my opinion, embraces Stalinists, state control freaks, Socialists, wishy-washy PC Liberals, Greens, impossibly romantic Jacobites, anti-English tossers, Fascists, nice but muddle-headed idealists and sad losers. I could, of course, be wrong.

All of them now have to accept the fact that the rest of us can not prevent whatever imbecility they dream up. They will surely dream up said imbecilities and will, in due course, quarrel publicly, vicously and terminally about them, gving us good guys the certainty of winning the vote and preserving the Union when the Referendum comes.

I appreciate that many of the people with whom I enjoy interacting here, there and elsewhere, do not share my views and feel that it it would be desirable if the whole of Jockland buggered off and left the English to their own devices. This is, of course, major keech which I intend to address in future.posts.

I will always believe that all of us who are subjects/citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland would be immeasurably poorer in every possible way if that entity every ceased to exist.

Interesting times.


3 responses to “Interesting Times

  1. I have never understood the passionate anti-English stance of so many Scots.
    The wars they are fighting and grievances they hold onto date from so long ago and seem a total irrelevance.
    I am also very wary of nationalism wherever it springs. Part of the reason that I loathe and despise Margaret Thatcher so much.

  2. As you expressed an interest on the Joe Slavko post here goes. Michael Hewitt died at 1am on 31st May 2011 at his brother’s house. Today we learned that he had a perforated ulcer and died in his sleep. Funeral is next week.

  3. A brief message. 1. Yes I am proud of my (illustrious) military forebears. Three more than Patterson. 2. Swearing at Boadicea? Used the Eff word, not a “torrent of filth” as your idiotic racist pal Bearsy said. 3. Finally re:police. I spent 7 years working on a case in which “Hertfordshire’s finest” tried to fit up someone for a non existent crime. Put bluntly if you had good relations with the police fine, happy for you. I only ever saw them as a pernicious enemy. If Boadicea had put up a 1 line message stating that my good pal Joe/Michael had died that would have been it. No class, just a lousy pair, Slavko (RIP) was loved by all.

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