La Serenissima

Off tomorrow to Leeds and thence, by the joy that is Ryanair, to Venice. To be fair,actually flying to somewhere  that could, with a reasonable chance of success,  be challenged as not  being, even peripherally, Venice.
Whatever, an airport that is only  1.5 hours away from the total joy that is getting off the bus and seeing the Grand Canal yet again. I can cope with that.
So, major whee!  Sixth time and it’s going to be a total joy as always.
Allegedly, there’s wi-fi in the apartment. You have been warned and I’ll be back.
Forza Italia.

One response to “La Serenissima

  1. John. I am soooo jealous. The most beautiful, romantic city in the world. (Although obviously this comes with the rider that I haven’t actually seen that many other cities in the world, but I’m fairly sure, even on that basis).

    Will look out for your blog (s).

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