In Memory of an Unsuitable Aunt

First posted MyT 28 Nov 2008

I’ve been doing the looking back through old blogs bit again and stumbled across one posted exactly a year ago by WW.

She was trying to cheer up Eminence Grise.  EG deleted all her blogs when she left the MyT site but I seem to remember that she had had a really bad time at work. The professional detachment which all members of the medical profession have to develop  had not been able to cope with the tragedies which she had had to deal with that day.

WW told EG some funny and quite unsuitable old lady jokes and others waded in with their own contributions all of which are now lost due to this site being rubbish. What I had forgotten was that I was one of the contributors.  The difference was that mine was a true story.

“My favourite auntie was always an eccentric and the most polite description of her behaviour nearly all the time would be ‘inappropriate’. But she never gave up and she never gave in. She died a few years ago aged 94.

At her funeral on a cold January morning in a small town in the West of Scotland, the minister said that the best thing about her was that she always made him laugh. I thanked him afterwards and said that was my memory of her too. He then told me that the last time he had seen her was at the Christmas lunch for her retirement home. The room in the local hotel was a bit small for the assembled company and my aunt was squashed in and in a fairly uncomfortable position.

He said to her – ‘I hope that table leg isn’t troubling you, Dolly’ to which she replied – ‘Don’t worry, minister. It’s the hardest thing I’ve had between my legs for forty years.’ “

The link to WW’s blog is…


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  1. Marvellous!

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