What I Did on My Holidays – Part 1

Published MyT  July 22nd 2008

My wife and I have got to the stage in life where we have had to finalise the list of  ‘100 things to do  before we die’. Obviously, Number 1 was ‘Write a list of 100 things  to do before we die’ and we are not going to tell you what Number 2 was (but it was a lot of fun and I still can’t believe that we got away with it).

Anyhow, the list contained  Portmeirion (63)  and the Eden Project (82)  and I started drawing up an itinerary for the necessary tour to knock those two on the head about two months ago. I  was idly browsing through MyT posts in the office before getting stuck into a serious google on our holiday, when I discovered that the Artist known at the time as ‘Hold Your horses’ was blogging away next to Waverley Station less than 100 yards away from where I was sitting.

I toyed with the idea of rushing across and introducing myself but thought better of it almost immediately. I was, however, left with the thought that it might be fun to troll around the rest of the UK, passing within close proximity  of MyT stalwarts but without actually meeting them so I drew up our holiday plans accordingly – I didn’t tell the wife because that would have made it 101 and she doesn’t really get my  obsession with this place.

It was quite clear that  we could not go down the East Coast, because I would be straying into Ferret territory. As I never tire of telling him, and as I am sure he is sick of hearing, he is my chosen guru, life coach, mentor,  beacon, guide  and Polar Star when it comes to MyT – nonetheless, you should never get too close to your God so we took the West Coast route down to the M6.

Two more reasons. Firstly, we had to cross Hadrian’s Wall at some point and it’s much lower on the Solway Firth side.  I was a wee bit worried because many of you have been calling for it to be rebuilt to keep us out, but I should have realised that you were not going to start repairing it until Gordie and the rest of them have been lobbed back onto our side. What makes you think we want them back, by the way?

The second reason was purely mercenary. I reckoned that I should visit Carlisle to acquire an original David Harkins – I know absolutely nothing about art but it must be a good idea to own something painted by a man who wrote a poem which was chosen by Her Majesty for the Order of Service for the funeral of her mother.  Google ‘David Harkins’ if you don’t believe me –  I’m convinced it’s true.


One response to “What I Did on My Holidays – Part 1

  1. Ooh now I want to see the map. How close to me and the cat did you travel? And did it include Das Boot’s location?
    A number of Scots I met last summer seemed to think that Alex Salmond was surplus to requirements. I was rather surprised. or maybe we all love to dislike our leaders. Even, or maybe, especially, when we (the big national we, not the personal) have voted them into power.
    Have updated my blogroll so you appear as yourself now.

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